Thursday, October 20, 2011

Storms and the Guinea

Last week we had some pretty heavy storms come through our area.  They were isolated and not wide spread, but they were strong.  From our house, the lighting was making the clouds glow, so I set up my camera on the deck and did a few time lapse photos.  Most just made the cloud look like it was lit up, since the lightning was inside or below the clouds, and not on the outside facing us.

There was a clear sky above our house and the stars were shining, but the big, puffy white storm clouds were alive with light.

At the same time, the guinea was there on its patio chair, enjoying the cooler night air.  He didn't seem to mind the storm clouds in the distance, or bother that we were there with the camera on the deck taking photos.

The only bad part of him being on the deck, is he tends to leave a pile behind in the morning.  Not sure if we can train him to go over on the side yard when he has to do his business like the dog does.  Nice thought though.

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