Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's official, I'm a blogger!

Since the blog started, the question in my mind has been how do I know if I have become an official blogger?  Are these musings and stories just for my close friends and family?  Does anyone else out there care?  My blog was given the Liebster Award from another blogger, as recognition of a starting blog that is liked by others.

But the other day I got the ultimate recognition of my official blogging status.  I got a mention in another blog, along with one of my pictures and official recognition of my picture.  And this wasn't just some little blog being run by a teenager from his bedroom.  This is a big time blog!

I'm not sure how I came upon this website several years ago, but the host, Eric Rochow, started doing video blogs of general DIY and cooking stuff.  It was a sort of eclectic mix of topics.  The best part, is that Eric didn't profess to be a trained profession, he was an ordinary guy with a day job that enjoyed showing people, via his videos, how to do things.  Not being a professional, often times his videos were humorous with mistakes that we would surely encounter.  But thanks to Eric leading the way, it was mistakes we could avoid, if we had really been paying attention!  Eric was one of the many inspirations for me to start my blog.  If you are subscribed to his blog, be sure to check it out.  His videos are on iTunes and are a lot of fun to watch, especially the token Labrador Retriever shots.

Back to the topic at hand, my mention on his website.  Following him on Twitter, he mentioned about preparing his bee hives for Hurricane Irene.  I replied to his tweet that I used dog run stakes to hold down my hives with straps during the hurricane.  They easily screwed into the ground and wouldn't come out, no matter how soft the ground got with the rain.  Eric decided to mention my tip in one of his posts.  You have to scroll to the last picture in the post, but there is my picture and my mention.  Validated!