Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meat Chicken Update

It has been a long time since my last post, but it hasn't been because of a lack of things happening around here. On the contrary, so much has been happening, that by the time the boys are in bed and I have some it to write, I am usually ready for bed myself.

As soon as the meat chicken tractor was complete, I took off to China for a couple weeks for work, right when the Red Rangers were supposed to arrive. This left my partner in poultry, Scott, responsible for the initial stages of the chickens, which didn't start out as anticipated.

Scott made sure he talked to the post office and let them know that the chicks were coming. Although when Saturday arrived, he didn't receive a call. Hmmm. A call to the hatchery, and we found out that the chicks had been shipped to the wrong zip code. Oops. Since they couldn't be shipped again, the hatchery told the post office to give them to someone, anyone, and he would ship ours again the following week.

The morning came, and soon after the phone call, Scott went and picked up the package. What was originally agreed upon of 50 chicks, turned into 76 to get the price break discount, and due to the mix-up with the address, the hatchery sent us 102 chicks to make up for it! Little bundles of fluff!

Scott made a nice brooder in his shed to house the little Red Rangers until they got older and the weather got warmer. It didn't take long for them to get feathers and get into that awkward teen-age phase.

After almost four weeks, it was time for them to move to the chicken tractor in the pasture at my house. A quick ride in a dog crate in the back of a pickup, and they were in their new home. Although first we had to get the chicken tractor into the pasture. We didn't think that far into the future. Four men and a quick lift and shuffle and the chicken tractor was in the pasture.

It didn't take long for the chickens to get used to their new home and think they were in the circus on the high wire.

Several weeks more and we are now at today. Feeding and watering the chickens every morning and evening, moving the tractor every evening, and letting them free-range in the pasture when we are around to keep an eye on them.

They are growing and enjoying the clover in the pasture. Running through the flowers.

Look at the meat in these birds!


Two more weeks and it will be butcher day. My BIL from Knoxville will be visiting, along with another BIL from the DC area, Scott, myself and the Oldest Son.

Stay tuned to learn how our first meat chicken experience will end. What a way to spend Memorial Day weekend with the family!

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