Monday, March 14, 2011

The little balls of fluff are growing up.

It seems like just last week we got the chicks and guineas.  Oh wait, it was.  They are growing up so fast.

This is one of the Barred Rock chicks.  She has gotten her wing feathers and is starting to seem more sure of herself around the box.  One of them seemed this morning like she had grown an inch overnight.

This is one of our Ameraucanas, or as they are also known, Easter Eggers, because they lay green and blue eggs.  I am anxious to see their first egg.  You can see that this one is losing a lot of the fluff that she used to have and is getting feathers all over her body.  These two will run and flap their wings as they move across the box.  Luckily it is a BIG box!

This is one of our French Guineas.  They have grown the most.  They along with the Ameracaunas, are actually a week older than the rest.  They have most of their feathers coming in but still seem so awkward and gangly with their long necks.  You can notice on the two pictures above that I put a couple  natural stick perches into their box.  They love sitting up on them and even sleeping on them.  The guineas look so funny when they sleep on the perches because their heads hang way down in front of them, almost touching the pine shavings.

Since they are getting bigger real quick, I need to make sure their permanent home is ready for them.  I have already made their coop, which will be another post.  (Lets just say, I like projects where I get to build things!  I may have gone a bit overboard for some chickens.  It has been sitting out in the yard since November, through wind and rain, sleet and snow, and it is still perfectly dry inside!) I bought an old dog run on Craigslist and need to get the two connected together and make them varmint proof.  I don't want to be raising dinner for the foxes, possums, and raccoons!

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