Monday, March 7, 2011

Morning crystals

This morning I went out to the driveway to get into my truck and go to work.  However I as amazed as I looked at the hood of my truck.  There were ice crystals in all sorts of flowery shapes on the hood of my truck.

We had some good rain last night, along with some high winds, and then the temperatures dropped and it was below freezing this morning when I went to work.

The really amazing part is how large these designs were.  The photo below I took while holding the camera up in the air shooting down so that you could get a perspective with part of the windshield and wipers in the picture.  These were huge ice crystal designs.

It is too bad that they were just a thin film on the hood of my truck as they disappeared quickly once the truck was started and warmed up.  On my drive in to work I watched as the crystals slowly melted away, jumped onto the windshield as water droplets and slowly said good bye as they went up and out of sight.  A nice surprise to start my morning.

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