Monday, May 16, 2011

Bee Anticipation

At my bee club meeting I found out that my bee nucs will be arriving on Friday night, May 20th!  I am excited and nervous, all at the same time.  I really need to get some hands on time before then, just so I can have a little confidence.

Here is the plan.  A couple guys from our bee club will drive down to Wytheville, VA the afternoon of the 20th.  They can't close and pack up the nucs until the evening, when the foragers come back to the nucs.  Then they will load up the 65 or so nucs our club has ordered, and start driving back to Powhatan, VA.  Once they get to about Buckingham, VA they will make their first calls on the phone tree we have setup.  In theory, everyone will be called and notified to head down to the fire station in Powhatan, VA.  The nucs should arrive around 1am.

The nucs will then be distributed and off we go.  Apparently last year, they bought about 35 nucs, and it only took about 10-15 minutes to hand them out and be on their way.  I'm hoping it won't take much more than that, since it is a 30 minute drive there from my home.

Once I have my nucs, I am supposed to go to my hives and place the nucs on top of the hives and then open up the front door, to allow the bees to take their cleansing flights the next morning from being cooped up in the nucs for so long.  I'm not supposed to actually hive the bees until that next evening.  By then they should be calmed down and not as agitated from being bounced around in the back of a truck.  Lets hope so.

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