Friday, May 20, 2011


One of our raised beds in the garden has several strawberry plants that the good wife planted.  They have been growing really nice and we have had a few strawberries start to ripen.

There are a lot of berries growing on these plants, and we have had plenty of rain to keep them nourished and full of moisture.  I did get one of the first strawberries to ripen on my birthday last week.  It wasn't the sweetest strawberry I have ever tasted, but it did taste good.  It may not have been fully ripe, but it came from our garden.  The kids really enjoy going out there and picking some of the strawberries.  I have to keep them from picking too many that aren't ripe.

We were planning to go to a baseball game the other night with some friends, so the boys picked some strawberries to take with and give to them.  We were able to sneak them into the stadium, and the seventh inning stretch never tasted so good!

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