Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crabtree Falls Hike

Over the July 4th weekend we took a few day trips around our area and got to see a lot of different things, including the Jamestown settlement and Yorktown battlefield.  We also went towards the mountains and took a hike up Crabtree Falls.

It was easy to get to and easy to find along the road.  They have the usual National Park Service bathrooms that are basically a concrete hole with a sheet metal toilet seat sitting on top.  The nasal aroma is intense, but it gets the job done when you are no where near a bathroom and in need.

Reading online, we read that it was 1.1 miles to the top.  However, upon arrival at the falls, the trail started with a distance marker proclaiming 0.0 of 1.7.  Hmmm.  It was hot that day, and no wind in the trees as we started our hike.  It didn't take long to get to the first scenic views of the waterfall.

The hike was an easy trek, with a lot of work done on the trail to make it accommodating to all people, including log steps and the rocks cut into steps at places.

Although the claim to fame is that these falls are "...the highest vertical-drop cascading waterfalls east of the Mississippi River..." there isn't a single vertical drop that is in and of itself overly impressive.  It is more the combination of all the falls in this line, along with the pools full of cold mountain water that make this a beautiful hike.

Oldest and Youngest sons decided that they didn't want to go much past the 1.1 mile mark.  So we continued on and left them there to soak their feet in a cool pool.  After spending a short time at the top and starting to head down, Oldest and Youngest sons were heading up the train to the top, so we turned around and went back up to enjoy the views with them.

Asked why they decided to keep going and come all the way to the top, Oldest Son said that he was tired of people looking at them sitting there as they walked by heading up to the top!  Stranger peer pressure.  Amazing.

The hike down was easier, and the views were just as spectacular of the water falls on the way up.

I highly recommend this hike if you are in the area as the drive to the parking lot to start the hike is just as rewarding as the hike itself.  My only comment would be to take enough water for the hike up and down, or take a small water filter as one guy at the top had, especially if it is in the heat of summer.  You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Wow! Those falls look like a nice cool place to be in this heat!! Thanks for sharing!