Friday, July 8, 2011

More Eggs...from the Guineas!

We got two more eggs.  Apparently our guineas like to lay eggs in pairs.  Maybe it is because they are so small right now.  These at least had the light brown appearance that they should be having.  One was crushed again, and the other was severely dented.  I didn't have my camera with me, so no photos of this one.

The dented egg was placed in the straw nest that I had created in the Guinea Ghetto, hoping to let the guinea know that it should be laying the eggs in the 'nest' and not just dropping them off the roost.  Looking into the Ghetto the next day, something apparently liked the new egg, as it was gone.  The entire shell and everything was gone, which makes me think that maybe one of the guineas ate it.  I would like to think that scenario, rather than a snake came and got it.

I placed two golf balls in each nesting box for the chickens, hoping that they will get the hint when the time comes. Maybe I need to do the same for the guineas to help them get the hint, and to keep them from eating any eggs they may lay.

Both the chickens and guineas started getting "layer crumbles" this week, so hopefully this will help them with their egg laying.  They are all around 18 weeks old, give or take.  They also need to have some crushed oyster shells available or something to increase their calcium.  That should help make their eggs stronger and also help them lay the eggs, according to all the information out on the internet.

Time will tell if the guineas are smart enough to procreate, or if it is survival of the species, and guineas need human help to keep them from being wiped off the planet, or at least off our little piece of the planet.

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