Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And then there was one...

Unfortunately more bad news for the guineas.  Their number have dwindled from a high of eight at one time, down to two.  And now, only one left.

The last two guineas, a male and female pair, have been free-ranging for the last couple months.  They are let out in the morning and show up back in the coop at night when the door gets closed for their protection.  Throughout the day they wander all over the place, including all of our neighbor's yards and the woods surrounding and between all the houses.  They had even started laying eggs in a nest out in the pasture and had created a collection of seven eggs.  We like to think that their wandering range has expanded due to the fact they have eaten all the ticks in our yard and need to expand out to find more ticks!  

This time the neighbor's yellow lab decided she didn't like the guineas roaming into their yard and put an end to one of them.  The Oldest Son had to go over and put it out of its misery.  Not being a "hands-on" type with the animals he used his pellet gun to finish the job.  The Good Wife offered to do it, but the Oldest Son said he would do it.  I'm proud of him for that, but he is taking it really hard.  He really enjoyed the guineas and got attached to them.

Overall, it is a part of country living and having animals.  It is a part of life that a lot of people are not exposed to, especially growing up in a city.  We will all be better people for having experienced the raising of the guineas, and now the death of the guineas.

With school starting next week and being late in the season, I'm not sure we are ready to start again with another batch of keets.  If we decide to do guineas again, it may have to wait until next year.

What will happen with the last guinea?  Will it get lonely and wander away for good?  Will it integrate more with the chickens and make new friends?  Only time will tell what will happen with the last lone survivor.

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