Tuesday, August 23, 2011


By now I'm sure you have heard the news that Virginia had a 5.8 earthquake that equalled the strongest quake in their history. The crazy part is that the epicenter was only about 6 miles NW of our house. You can see the location of the epicenter on this Google Map.

With all the years of travel to Taiwan and China, I have never felt an actual, full scale earthquake. There was a small 2.something this past February that woke me up at 2am, but no one else felt it.  I had to Google it to make sure that I wasn't going crazy.

We didn't have any damage at our house other than some picture frames falling and breaking. The house is still in good shape, other than the wear and tear of three boys living here.

As I was going down to close up the chicken coop for the night I heard a rumbling noise but didn't think about it.  The Good Wife was then calling me from the driveway with the boys saying there was another aftershock.  We found out later it was a 4.2 aftershock.  We were finally able to get the boys to sleep on our bed, but they are ready to move back to Phoenix.

First a tornado, now an earthquake. And this weekend, possibly a hurricane! At least there aren't any active volcanoes near by!


  1. I felt it down the mountain range here in Asheville, NC! It was amazing, never felt an earthquake before...unsettling to say the least! I'm glad you are all ok.

  2. I felt it at my office in southern NC...glad everyone is ok!