Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Radio Silence

 You may have wondered what happened to me to go silent for almost two months.  Or maybe not since I didn't get any email about it.  My SIL from Knoxville did mention that my BIL, her husband, was missing my posts, but that was about it.  My basic explanation is that Christmas came along, and then I didn't really feel like posting.  Everything I thought about writing about seemed trivial.  I had to rethink the topics and how I write.  The early posts seemed fun, and the last posts felt more like a diary entry.

Not to bore you, but the focus is now going to be on projects undertaken by the Haphazard Countryman...me!  Things that may enlighten others and help others learn from my mistakes, of which there will probably be many.

So please stay tuned, and feel free to tell your friends about this blog if you find it useful, interesting, or if you are just a very social communicator, like my boys in school.  But that is a whole other topic that probably won't be discussed here.

One milestone that did arrive during the silence that needs to be celebrated is the 2003 Ford Expedition hit the 200K mark.

And it is still going strong.  Ok, maybe not strong, but definitely still going.  The Good Wife and I hope it keeps going for a while so we don't have to spend the money to get a new vehicle yet.  It still works!  And any minor repair is less than a car payment.  So we are going to keep driving on!


  1. Sometimes the post that you think are too trivial are the ones people like the best. Lol

  2. I think we all go through that every now and again. I have been MIA for a bit too. Not sure I will do that again though...I have a lot of catching up to do on everyone's blogs LOL!