Friday, December 16, 2011

Small Town Christmas

There are some things that just make you warm and fuzzy during the Christmas season, especially in a small town.  Goochland county was having its annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the local YMCA, so the Good Wife, the three boys and myself headed down to participate.

We got there a few minutes later than the official starting time so the tree was already lit and there were carolers signing around the tree.  Before heading over to the tree, we had to check out the activities around the parking lot.

First there were a few fire pits for making s'mores.  Next to the fire pits was a table with zip-lock bags filled with individual s'more making ingredients, including two graham crackers, a piece of Hershey's chocolate and one jumbo marshmallow.  After making our s'mores, we headed over to the hot chocolate line, which was also the cookie line.  (If some sugar is good for the kids, then more sugar must be better!)

Then in the distance we could hear the sirens of a fire truck.  It wasn't just blowing the siren now and then, it was running them full blast, and they were getting closer!  And then they pulled into the parking lot.

Nobody was burned from the fire pits or falling into a coma from sugar overdose.  This is how Santa arrives in Goochland!  He then went over to the Christmas tree and allowed all the little boys and girls to sit on his lap and let him know what they wanted for Christmas.

My kids let me know they are all "too old" to sit on Santa's lap.  They have never been too enamored of Santa, the Easter Bunny or any of those other fantasy characters.  Although we do have the "Tooth Angel" in our house.  I don't think they really believe it, but they play along with us because they end up with cash as long as the game keeps going.

Then we headed over to the craft table and the Middle Son and Youngest Son made a mitten craft relating to the book "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.  One more pass by the s'mores table to realize they were all gone before heading home.  Everyone had a good time and enjoyed our small town Christmas celebration.

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