Monday, December 12, 2011

Firewood and Fires in the Fall

There is something rewarding about looking at a pile of split firewood, knowing that you did all the splitting by hand with an axe.  Knowing that wood will be used in the future once it is seasoned to warm your home.

My BIL in Knoxville is to credit with a good portion of the pile of logs in the background.  He was the one when visiting in July for a little R&R recommended I check out Craigslist for free firewood.  It's amazing how much is available with a little effort.  I can't imagine paying $9.95 for about 6 logs at a grocery store.  After a quick search, I had volunteered my BIL to go with me and pick up a load.  It was hot out but we loaded up a trailer full of wood about as full as it could safely go, and unloaded it back at home.  And there it has sat until now.

Luckily, because the wood takes time to season or dry out, we already have a stack of wood ready for the wood stove and the fireplace.  Lately it has been in the 20's in the morning and then up to about 50 during the day.  The wood stove in the basement has been kicking it up a few notches and taking a load off our heat pump, which doesn't work so effectively when it is really cold.  We have also been having a fire in the fireplace in the family room.

There is something cozy about a fireplace with a warm fire burning during the Christmas season.  It makes time slow down a bit and makes everyone a little more calm and peaceful.  Ahhh.

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