Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Local BBQ is so good.

I like to find local restaurants whenever possible instead of eating at the major national chain restaurants.  Don't get me wrong, I love a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and their lemonade is incredible.  But when I can find a locally owned and operated restaurant, I like to support it, especially if they have good food.  This is a trait that was learned from my good friend Dave.

I kept seeing this one restaurant (shack) whenever I would run errands during lunch at work.  It was called Phat Boyz BBQ.   It is a really tiny joint.  Only seven bar stools and three tables that seated four people each.  They had an outside sitting area, but it was chilly and no one was outside, so I sat up at the bar.

I took a look at the menu and it seemed for the most part like the good southern BBQ selection of main dishes and sides.  But there was one side item that caught my eye.  Sweet potato fries with marshmallows and caramel drizzle.  I had to try it, so I ordered a BBQ sandwich of pulled pork and my side of sweet potato fries with marshmallows and caramel drizzle.

Doesn't that look good!  Once they cook the sweet potato fries, they put a layer of marshmallows onto it and then heat it somehow just to get them to start to melt, then put a generous drizzle of caramel.  They were as good as it looks.

The BBQ was really good too.  You could get it plain or with slaw.  I opted for plain as I am not a big slaw fan. There was a bit of red pepper mixed into the meat and sauce, so it had a little bite.  Not too much, just enough to add some zip.  They also had a tray of different sauces you could add on top.  As served it had just enough sauce to hold it together, so adding more sauce was mandatory.  They had everything from a sweet sauce, to spicy to knock your socks off.  Both tomato based and vinegar based.

Every weekday they offer a special that is not on the menu.  The best deal is their Tuesday-Thursday lunch special, which is a BBQ sandwich, chips and a drink for $5.25.  Or for the same price you can go with a loaded hot dog, chips and a drink, but with the BBQ as good as it was, I can't imagine too many people go for the dog.

If you find yourself up on Route 1 in Glen Allen, VA be sure to stop in to Phat Boyz BBQ and have yourself a treat.

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  1. wow, I can feel myself sliding into sugar coma as I read it - and you're going to force me to head to Stacy's with the camera