Monday, April 11, 2011

White Hawk Music Cafe

Middle son is taking piano lessons down in Goochland.  He takes them at a place called White Hawk Music Cafe.  It is a cross between a coffee house, restaurant, performance hall and music school.

The have the standard coffee options, although it appeared that they may have had a few more options when it comes to flavorings.  I had a very nice Non-fat White Mocha.  You know, one of those fufu drinks that girls usually have.  They also serve breakfast as the sign outside states.

Inside the people were real friendly and polite.  Although I think that is more a general trait of rural Virginia overall.  The interesting thing is that they have music lessons in the back.  They have about four or five rooms for lessons.  They have a list of teachers that come in and teach piano, guitar and voice lessons.  It is more of a connection point where the lessons are between the student and teacher, but the nice thing is that you pay for your lessons at the cafe, so you can add a nice latte on when you pay the bill.

There is also a stage inside for performances which they have regularly on the weekends.  You can see some of the performances in the gallery on their website.   They also have guitars for sale.  It is a one stop shop to get caffeinated, buy a guitar, learn to jam and then perform.

I like the White Hawk Music Cafe not only because it is the only place in Goochland to get a gourmet coffee, but it is a great environment with friendly people that would be a success no matter where it was located.  If you find yourself in the town of Goochland, VA be sure to stop in and say hi.  You won't be disappointed.

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