Monday, April 4, 2011

Popcorn Trees

It must be that I have lived the last 19 years of my life in the Sonoran desert, but I have just been in awe of all the trees that are starting to bloom in the last week or two.  I'm not sure what type of trees they are, but they look like they have big popcorn balls all over them.

Most of the other trees have started budding now, but they are just going right to green leaves and skipping this most enjoyable transformation.  Our fruit trees (a topic for separate post at some point) have just a few itty-bitty buds on them.  At least most of them look like they have buds, but they pretty much look like sticks in the ground right now, but I digress.

Don't get me wrong, the Sonoran desert blooms in the spring too, and the saguaro cactus has some really amazing blooms on them, but it is different.

I guess I have just missed this change of the seasons and expression of spring time.  The one thing I have realized is that there isn't another place, other than the Sonoran desert, that can create sunsets that make you stop in your tracks.

If you live in a northern clime and get to enjoy this change, soak it in and enjoy it.  If you live in the Sonoran desert, look around you and enjoy it's unique beauty.  Either way, I wonder if over time, these spring blooms will just become ordinary to me?  Will I even look twice at them and enjoy them like I am now?  Only time will tell.

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  1. Our Sonoran flowers have such a finite length of time to attract the pollinators, they need that extra punch!