Friday, June 17, 2011

Dust Bath for the Birds

The chickens and guineas definitely love to take dust baths, although they each have their own preferred method.  The chickens are my little ladies, and they appreciate the work I put in for them.  They appreciate the dust bath sand box that I made for them a little while back.  They take turns, and sometimes together they pile into the box and flop around, until they are nice and coated.  When it is warm they even lay in there for awhile.  I think the sand feels cool to them.

The guineas on the other hand, don't seem to appreciate my efforts.  Instead of using the area I provided, they have proceeded to go outside the run, and dig a couple holes in the dirt for themselves.  They have slowly dug them out until they are nice shallow scoops in the ground.  They proceed to flop and flutter around in those holes until they are fully coated in dirt.

After getting coated, they walk around for a little bit like that, and then they shake off like a dog, shaking all the dust off them.  A large cloud of dust, something that Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown would be proud of.

Below is a quick video I took to show them in their dust baths.  I never seemed to have a camera with me when they shook off, so you will just have to imagine Pig-Pen, but with a beak and feathers.

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  1. Love your sandbox dustbath. Hope you don't mind if I borrow this idea for my chickens.

    When have been thinking of getting guineas as our tick populations is horrendous here in Nova Scotia. I freaked out about them at first, but it's becoming easier to deal with them now. I have been outside doing chores and I have just picked 3 off of me in the last 1/2 hour! Do you think guineas help? I know guineas aren't good about coming back to roost at night, I'm a bit worried about predators...we live on the edge of forest land.

    Sharon @