Friday, June 24, 2011

More Bees

A couple weeks ago after inspecting my two bee hives, a gentleman that people call Possum, came up to me and asked if I could put some bees by his garden.   After sending out an e-mail to my bee club, the Huguenot Beekeepers Association, I got a reply from a lady selling a nuc.

Last week I went and picked it up in Rice, VA and placed it next to Possum's garden.  I haven't gotten a picture of this hive or a picture of Possum's garden to show you.  Every time I go to check this hive, I end up talking with Possum for some time and forget to take my pictures.  This weekend I will try to remember.

Overall the hives have been doing really good.  I have a second hive body on the first two hives and will probably be able to put a second hive body on the Possum hive this weekend if they keep growing and filling up the frames with comb.

The above picture was from last weekend when I added some extra syrup to the hive top feeders.  This hive seems to be the most robust, filling out the frames the fastest of any of my hives.  Of course, I only have three hives to compare, and I have only officially been a beekeeper for about five weeks, so my judgement and evaluation may not hold much weight.  Regardless, this sure is a fun hobby.

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