Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Garden Update

The good wife has been working hard on our garden.  Other than scheduling the neighbor to come and rototill the area where we were planning to have the garden, or helping the good wife transport buckets of decomposed horse manure from a friend's horse farm, or pound a few stakes into the ground on either end of the garden to string some twine between for the peas to grow on, I haven't really done anything to the garden.

I have mowed the lawn around the garden, and a few times gone the wrong direction so the grass clippings went into the garden, rather than away from the garden.  That has caused a lot of new grass to start growing in the garden.  So I guess I have done something, but I don't think that counts as useful.

We have the four raised beds, and the strawberries are doing great in there.  Every day it is a treat to walk by the garden and pick a few nice berries for a snack.  The good wife also has lettuce type items in one, some basil and other herbs in another, some mint in a third and the strawberries in the fourth.  I'm sure there are a lot of other items in there, but I can't remember.

The "in-ground" garden has a couple rows of peas, a row of cucumbers, as we eat a lot of cucumbers.  The boys love them sliced and dipped in ranch dressing as an addition to their lunches.  Then there is the obligatory tomatoes, more herbs, watermelon, bell peppers, yellow peppers and a square of corn.  The corn is in the back right section in the above picture.  It is growing nicely.

You can see in the above picture all the extra grass I am helping to grow in the garden between the rows of peas and cucumbers.  I do what I can!  We have some cardboard boxes still left over from moving and the good wife is planning to cut them into strips and place it between the rows of peas and cucumbers.  It will make for a nice pathway and decompose right into the ground.  This fall or next spring we will be able to mix in right into the ground.

I'll be sure to keep you updated as we start to partake of the bounty that has started to grow in our garden.  So far it is just the strawberries, although we did have some fresh basil from the garden on our grill pizza last week.  That was a nice addition to the pizza.  When we are using our own tomatoes for our pizza, then it will be perfect!

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