Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Storms and Generators

Today was hot and humid. Which in Virginia this time of year means afternoon thunderstorms. And that is exactly what happened.

Arriving home from work, we ate supper as the clouds were starting to form. The Good Wife left shortly after to take Fenix, our incredibly perfect dog, to obedience class down at the Goochland community center. Fenix already passed the first round of obedience classes, but the Good Wife figured he needed to learn to walk on a leash better when we go for walks, so off they went to class. I was able to get on the lawn mower and outline around the house so Oldest Son would be able to finish the yard later. I stayed on the mower until a flash of lightning was so close it seemed bright as I was looking down at the ground, while I was mowing around the Good Wife's raised beds.

In the house, all the blinds were closed, as all the boys are afraid of storms. That may have to do with the tornado that came through after the Good Wife had assured them there are no tornados in Virginia before we moved.

We decided to play the Wii to get their minds off the storm. That worked for a little while until the lights flashed off, then on, then off, then partly on, off again, partially on again, and then finally off.  About one minute later we could hear the generator outside kick in.  And thirty seconds later, the lights were on! Along with the fridge, well pump, A/C and an assortment of other lights.

The household generator is not something that was paid much attention when I bought the house without the Good Wife seeing it, but that is another story. My family and I are just glad it is there and automatically does it's thing when it is needed.  Hopefully it won't be long until the electricity comes back on.


  1. We have been researching the automatic generators as well. They are expensive, but I am certain, well worth it. You're lucky to have one! We have a portable generator that will run the well, or the A/C or the microwave, but not at the same time. So it's musical circuit breakers if we use it :-)

  2. Our house has been wired for a generator, but we don't have one yet. Luckily we seem to be on a grid that gets put back up first if there's an outage. This is surprising as we defintely live in the middle of "no" and "where".